Monday, October 05, 2009

A Day in the Park

A fine day it was, so we went to the park. In the hours before public school lets out, there are usually not many at the park. Add to that the fact that there is construction going on in the front parking lot, it was deserted. Ooh! Perfect for some yarn bombing!!

Pay no attention to the pink haired woman up a tree.....
I've had this little tree sweater in my purse for a while, waiting for an  opportune moment to tag a tree. :)

I tried it on one branch first, but it was way too loose around. Took a few fittings, but I found the right spot. Its probably not the best seaming I've ever done, but as luck would have it I couldn't find a yarn needle anywhere in my bags! I usually have one in the change purse of my wallet, but it must have fallen out. :( So, I used an F hook to sew with. LOL! I also had forgotten to pre-embroider my "MCM" logo, so I did that with the hook & some scrap alpaca yarn in my purse.

Mad Crafter Mom strikes again!See? A nice cozy sweater to ward off those Fall chills. :)

Awww.... cute cables. :)
Here is the view from just below:

View from below.
And even from a slight distance the eye can still catch something not quite natural....

View from afar.

So, it will be fun to go back in a few days and see if its still there. :) Actually, don't think I can get back there until Saturday or Sunday, so that is almost a week. :)


Gigi said...

I just love how the piece wraps not just the trunk but also that jutting branch! Well done.

Are you related to mountain goats or monkies by any chance?

Kristen said...

Love the sweater!