Saturday, September 05, 2009

First Strike

So, I finally committed my first act of Yarn Bombing! I tagged a truck in the parking lot of my work. :)

First, the tag.....

This is a trailer hitch ball cover. I made the knit version, too (to be seen at a later date when I strike again), from the "Mutha Earth" pattern in the Yarn Bombing book. I did that one as a head, too, being not really 100% behind the philosophy of the "Mutha Earth" one.  As knitted one took a little longer and the tiny dpns hurt my fingers, I made up this crochet version. I did write the pattern down as I went, so I'll make a pdf and put it on Ravelry later.

Anyway, on to the unsuspecting victim..... I had to look around the lot a bit to actually find a truck with the hitch ball. Lots of trucks with receivers, but I guess people take the hitch out to prevent theft. Aside from the fact that his hitch was intact, I also chose this truck because he was backed into his space. Figured there was a greater chance of him not noticing it before leaving the lot. :)

Ignore the date on the picture. Fairly new camera and I forgot to set the date on it. LOL!

With a good target chosen, I attacked!

Ha ha!! I love it! As you can see by the back, its only tied on, so no damage has been done to the vehicle. :)

I tagged him on Wednesday 09/02/09 and he came thru my line on Thursday 09/03/09. After he paid for his parking, I looked at the back of the truck as he was exiting and there was my little guy!! I wonder if he was discovered already. And if so, was he removed? This isn't one of my regular daily customers, but I'm pretty sure he comes in weekly. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for his truck and I'll update on whether the little guy is still there. :)

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JafaBrit's Art said...

That is really cool :)

Niz said...

Woah that's cool! I hope the "owner" keeps it or at least try to find out who puts it there... Hehe!

Catherine said...

Ha ha ha soooo cheeky i LOVE it. I hope he kept it on :)

JHNickodemus said...

That is awesome! We just moved to a rural part of Kansas and EVERYone drives trucks...I should totally do that!