Friday, August 28, 2009

Yarn Bombing

Seriously! Yarn Bombing!! Who knew one could take such delight in this illicit art?? I spotted the book on the store shelf and it practically leaped into my hands.

So, I took a bag of scrap yarn to work with me and started knitting. Right now I have finished my first piece, but have only a cell picture. I'll take one before I find the appropriate place to leave it.

I have decided that my signature will simply be an "MCM" (for MadCrafterMom, obviously) on each piece I make. I'm already making another piece and have several targets in mind. I was trying to casually measure the spacing on the side of a Stop & Shop cart whilst shopping late last night when I caught the odd looks from a couple passing the end of my aisle. LOL!

I shall post more when I a) have pics and b) have tagged something. :)
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TopHat said...

It's way fun. I've only tagged once and it stayed there for almost a month!

kadezmom said...

I have no idea what this is....and I'm SO off to go find out. I'm getting a clue....

I love it.....and I love what you targeted!