Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two for One Day...

 Couldn't find my second set of camera batteries yesterday, so I coulnd't take pics. Here is the 5th & 6th day together. :)

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my TSG Swap Pal sent to me...........

Pay no attention to the fact that this is obviously just a piece of wrapping with no gift inside... see the above notation about camera battery location issues. ;)

Dang flash.... A set of 3 Christmas music cds! There is one for Christmas Eve, where there are lyrics and then Christmas morning & Christmas Dinner both are instrumental for nice background music. We will totally be using these!! This is one of my favorites so far because it will bring joy to many. :)

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my TSG Swap Pal sent to me...........

I was actually unsure if this was 6 or 9, so I just guessed. :) Works
out either way since I'll be opening the other one in a few days.

Pardon my bad photography. I can't seem to get good closeups with flash. Especially on shiny, crystal snowman ornaments! :)

I didn't realize right away that it had a little switch on the bottom!! Look what it does!

Stay tuned tomorrow for # 7. :)
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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh those were wonderful surprises. What fun.

Anita O said...

Nice. The snowman is cute! How do you refrain from tearing through all those packages at once???

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Is that little M watching from the corner? :o)