Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Came Early for Me!!!!

And I must have been a really, really good girl (or else the old guy's memory is slipping.....)! Look:

My sweet, sweet husband procured this from eBay for me. :) It is a hand built drum carder. There is a small brass plaque engraved "Lorraine Carder #22 Crafted by R.L. Stuntz 1979". I've tried Googling it, but nothing. Even the engraving is done by hand, in handwriting as opposed to professional lettering. I love it!!!

The only issues were the rubber feet were disintegrating and there was no drive band. A quick trip to The Evil Orange Box produced identical rubber feet for $1.95 including tax. The drive band proved a bit tougher. No vacuum cleaner belts were big enough. My Babe drive band, doubled on itself, was the right size, but wouldn't work because it is round. My ever-resourceful husband came to the rescue!! An automotive serpentine belt:

So, of course, I promptly began my own little carding party!! Some time ago I purchased a large lot of dyed fibers from someone on Ravelry. These blue locks are a gorgeous color, but very, very greasy still and with some VM (some thorns even! Ouch!):

I fluffed it out by hand and sent it thru the carder 3 times to get this:

I decided it was still too rough & greasy by itself (yes, I know I could have scoured it before carding, but there's just enough to make some nice, water-resistant yarn). So, I had some bare Corriedale roving that I decided to blend it with. Since it was nice, smooth roving I only put it thru the carder once to get a nice batt:

So.... onto blending it all together! I had already carded half of the fiber before I took a pic, thus the fiber already on the drum.

and stacking.....

And here is my wonderful, FIRST BATT after 3 passes thru the drum carder:


Okay, now here it is spun up on the drop spindle:

I am so freakin' excited (you couldn't tell, could you??) about this!! "I don't wanna play, I just wanna card on me drum all day...........". :D

Okay, you may stop drooling on your keyboard now! Come over and play fiber artist with me!!

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kristy said...

Very cool!!!

Pegi said...

That is BEYOND cool! I love it!!! You lucky woman, you! Way to go, Bob -- that'll get you a few brownie points for the next few months!

Anita O said...

Awesome! Hubby not only loves you, he supports your yarn habit. Lucky girl.

Ok, have lots of fun with it. Your spun yarn looks very pretty.

Aunt Kathy said...

My hubby would have no clue, about yarn, supplies or shopping on ebay, lol

Merry Christmas

Holly said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for you! (And a little jealous!)

kadezmom said...


That is incredible. I'm so happy for you. Heck, I'm happy for me just getting to LOOK!!!!!

Excellent job.

Shebear29 said...

What and you didn't call and tell me so I could come look at it.
I am verry happy for you.

puggerhugger said...

wow gorgeous yarn already! good job hubby!

J.Reilly said...

wow - that's AWESOME! congratulations!!!

lorraine said...

hi my name happens to be lorraine carder i found your blog of great interest. keep carding..x