Friday, June 20, 2008

¡Un Paquete de España!

This past Tuesday, arriving home from a birthday party, I found I had a package waiting for me!! It was from Spain. OH! My Black Yarn Swap package!! *happy dance* Gleefully tear into it and....

....oooh.... yarny goodness!! Lets explore....

For the yarn, Fredja chose Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed. It is 52% silk, 48% lambswool. There are little tiny flecks of color in amongst the black. It is just lovely yarn. :) There were two bamboo crochet hooks ( I & K ) and the pattern for the Moebius Scarf/Shawl by Bonnie Pierce. It looks super easy, yet beautiful. :)

Here is a close up of the yarn (sorry, camera isn't state-of-the-art):

Of course, there was lots more in the box! Let's take a look.....

Let's see if I can give an accurate inventory....
  • A pretty, sweet note card, complete with crochet flower on it.
  • A black box with mulit-colored stripes (sorry, lid open in pic) full of delicious teas
  • A little black organza bag with two sheep magnets
  • A black tapestry crochet hook holder (THANK YOU!! I REALLY needed this!!)
  • Two key chains for my collection from her home city of Lleida, Spain. One is of the city's main landmark, the old cathedral, the other is the guardian dragon of the city (or marraco).
  • A bag of Trolli gummy candies, including gummi bears, sour gummi worms & some gummy burgers. The kids (& I) have already enjoyed some of these. :)
  • Two bags of hard candies; some mint "pillows" and some fruity hard candies with hearts in the center.
  • A box of Ferrer Garden candies!! Can't even tell in the picture that there are already 2 gone, huh? LOL! MMmmmmm
I have been thoroughly spoiled in this swap! I enjoyed both the shopping for my partner and the receiving of my package. Thank you again, Fredja, for the wonderful package.

Also, thank you Sabrina for organizing this awesome swap!!

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