Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Goodies!

A couple days ago I received my Baby-A-Baby Swap package from Holly! Didn't have camera batteries at the time, so it has taken me a few days to get everything set to post about it. :)

So, I opened up my box to find it just full of stuff! (Yes, it was neater, I just put everything back in to take a pic)

Holly knit the most adorable little dress in pretty pink cotton. The buttons are little white hearts with pink flowers on them. I tried to take a close up, but the flash interferes.

There was a Princess hat & bootie set:

Pink Snoopy socks!! I love these:

A cute denim jumper with a onesie shirt

She even included a variety of fun items for my other children!

For me she threw in my favorite snack. When the kids saw it, I had to tell them..... Get Your Own Box! :P

Finally, here is Abigail in her new dress. The onesie shirt from the jumper set is still a little big, but I think the lilac one works, too. :)

Thank you so much, Holly! It was great to read your letter and get to know a bit about you from your blog (now that I know who you are). :)

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Awesome Package!

Well, it turns out that my Favorite Color Swap 3 spoiler was my dear friend, Sheila, who lives 5 minutes away! LOL! She did a great job of keeping it a secret, including throwing me off by mentioning that it was difficult to shop for something vanilla scented for her swap partner (she knows I don't like vanilla scent). :)

She stopped by the house one day and asked if I'd gotten my mail for the day. I told her that Molly (my 8-year old) had already brought it in. She said that was odd because there was a package leaning against the post. One of the other kids ran out and got it for me. I didn't even notice the oddities in the label, like the fact that my name and address was taped over the name on the label. It appeared to be from someone in CA and the name didn't look familiar. But it was very heavy!!

Here is the whole shebang:

Now, the breakdown~

3 (really 4 as one more pack of black was sent to her late that she's bringing over soon) packages of luscious wool for needle felting. The camera doesn't do justice to the rich berry colored one in front.

A nice kitchen towel with a crocheted topper.

4 beautiful skeins of sock yarn in the most amazing colors. I love the way each pink/blue set complements each other!

Absolutely adorable stitch markers and earrings that look like miniature drop spindles!! She had no way of knowing that I had only recently been looking at those same earrings and considering them as a swap gift for another swap I'm in!! They are so cool!!

For goodies she included WW drink Mix-ins in Peach Ice Tea flavor, some WW dark chocolate raspberry bars (mmmmm) and a TON of Twizzlers. There are well over a hundred and fifty Twizzlers!! That was what made the box so incredibly heavy. LOL! As you would imagine in a house with seven children, it didn't take long for them to find out about my new stash.......

Hee hee....

So, thank you Sheila for a wonderful package. Also, thank you Nichole for hostessing this fun swap! I'm still working on my package, but it will go out on time. :)

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Did I mention I love yarn?

Eek! I am so behind in blogging again. I plead household sickness and dr. appointments. Sorry.

I recently (3 weeks ago) got a big order in from Knit Picks. I was soooo happy to open this box:

So much knitting goodness!!! I had some "bonus" money from a return I made (return from Hell!! But that is another story for another blog....), so I went a bit hog wild. Shhh.... don't tell my husband!! :)

Some new doo-dads: Needle pockets, long cables (for Magic Loop knitting), and some size 13 tips for my Options set. Plus some beautiful Harmony cable needles. Let's get a closer look at those:

Oooh... purty! I wish I could afford to get all the Harmony tips! They are so cool. :) Okay, what other goodies?

2 skeins of Shimmer in the colorway Happy Dance

2 skeins of Gossamer in the colorway Sweet Peas

Bunches of Wool of the Andes Worsted!!

2 skeins in Beryl Heather

2 skeins in Carbon Twist

2 skeins in Mulled Wine

2 skeins in Pidgeon Twist

2 skeins in Iron Ore

There was also 8 skeins of Merino Style in Petal

2 skeins of Palette in Red

2 skeins of Palette in Apricot

8 skeins of Wool of the Andes Bulky in Mauve
Wow, I've got some knitting to do now!! :) Look for more updates right on top of this one. Like I said, I've been way behind. Plus, my camera just got batteries again yesterday. I still have my Favorite Color Swap 3 package to post!! :)
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire

Yay!! A new swap!! Here are my answers. :)

1. What are your top three favorite colors? Pinks, Blues & Black (just not Navy blue or neon colors)

2. What crafts do you really enjoy? Which ones don't I enjoy would be a shorter list! LOL! Tops would be knit, crochet & spinning. Oh, and sewing when I can find the time & room.

3. What products do you really covet? Oh my.... covet? Heh.... lots! I really covet an Ashford spinning wheel, but that is out of the range of this swap... I always like new stitch markers or other little knitting tools. A new drop spindle has been pulling at me, too. I'm really not sure "covet" applies to any of them. :)
4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things? I enjoy Scrabble, reading (sci-fi/fantasy & Christian), computer games, baking

5. Is there anything you collect? Children. :) Something smaller? Key chains. Unusual and state ones, especially.

6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol? Not surprisingly, Pisces. Not that I put any stock in horoscopes, though. For Chinese zodiac, I have the privilege of being a Rat. :)

7.What are your favorite…

…scents/smells? Light florals, spice scents, nature (pine, sandalwood, etc.) Nothing very heavy & perfumey... makes me gag. Literally.

…types of music and/or bands? Hmm... big variety there, but mostly rock music. Christian Rock - Casting Crowns is a favorite. I like so much more though... from Billy Joel to the Sex Pistols!

…authors? Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Jean Auel, Joyce Meyers, Max Lucado

…animals? Wolves, big cats, ring-tailed lemurs... exotic & cute animals

…places to shop? YARN STORES!! :) Also enjoy "craft stores" like AC Moore, Jo-Ann's. Border's bookstore. Online I like Knit Picks.

…season? Winter (a real one, with snow, not like this year) and Autumn

…yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies? I love wool and wool blended with alpaca or silk, sock yarn, basically natural fibers, although acrylic has its uses. I also like new pens/markers/sharpies. Do those count as craft supplies? :) Any new knit, crochet or spinning tools are fun.

…candies or goodies? Oh boy... I"m doing Weight Watchers now, so I'm trying to be good. But if I were to use my weekly points on a treat.... I love dark chocolate, hate white chocolate (its NOT chocolate!! LOL). I like almonds & hazelnuts, but hate walnuts. Ferrer Rocher, M & M's, red Twizzlers... mmmm....

8. Do you have any wish lists? Not an official one, like online. Usually nice yarns are on my lists. I've always wanted to try Malabrigio, after hearing of its wonders. :)

9. Are you allergic to anything? Nope, but my husband is allergic to cigarette smoke.

10. Do you have any pets? What are they? Have 2 dogs, Siberian Huskies. One male (Amaruk) and one female (Tikaani).

11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy. Also, if you have a Ravelry ID, please include it here. My ravelry ID is madcraftermom. I'm not sure what else might be helpful... Hmm.. I just had a baby girl in January, my eighth baby. :)

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Big Bag Questionnaire

As the creator/moderator, I guess it is high time I posted my own questionnaire!!

   1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?  Both For how long?  For about 20 years each. I prefer the look of knitting most of the time, but love the speed of crochet. Oh, and I love granny squares. :)
   2. What other crafts do you do, if any? Spinning, cross-stitch, sewing, will try almost any craft
   3. What are your favorite colors?  Love purples, pinks, blues, most greens. Colors you loathe? Not particularly fond of orange, bright yellows, neon shades.
   4. Favorite yarn brands?  Patons, Knit Picks, Debbie Bliss, most others Fiber types? Love wool, especially soft. Alpaca, blends with silk. Even like soft acrylics for wash n wear kids stuff. Yarn you can't stand? Eyelash yarn, most other novelty yarns, anything stiff or weird feeling.
   5. What is your favorite type of item to knit/crochet? Baby items for the instant gratification, socks, dishcloths, cool sweaters (like the Simple Knitted Bodice)
   6. What kind of needles do you like? (i.e. circular, straight, metal, bamboo, etc.) Prefer my Knit Picks options (circular). For straights I like Bamboo, only have 2 or 3 pair (7, 8, 10). DPNs in bamboo.
   7. Any knitting tools you lack but crave? Always wanted one of those pendant cutters, always love new stitch markers (not the plastic rings), just about anything!
   8. Patterns you've been dying to get but haven't yet?  YES! Milinda, Heirloom Lace Jacket, Almost any of the dishcloth patterns from DigKnitty Designs
   9. Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa? All of the above Flavors you love/hate? I prefer fruity herbal teas. Hate french vanilla coffee and white chocolate (its not chocolate!!) cocoa.
  10. Favorite sweets & snacks? Sweets: Almost anything dark chocolate!! Twizzlers, too. For savory snacks I love Cheez-its (not the knock-offs!! LOL!), Wheat Thins (really!), macademia nuts and almonds. Mmm... beer nuts!
  11. Any pets, kids, spouses? 4 sons, 4 daughters (newest is Abigail, born 1/20/2008) and 2 Siberian Huskies Spouses that act like pets or kids? (j/k) One wonderful husband, Bob
  12. Favorite things to knit/crochet for the above, if applicable? Love to knit/crochet baby things, socks & gloves.
  13. What kinds of books do you like to read? I like both fiction & non-fiction Favorite authors or genres? Authors: Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Joyce Meyers, Max Lucado. Genres: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Christian
  14. Do you collect anything? (besides yarn! LOL!) Key chains, especially unusual ones & touristy ones (like state ones). And apparently children.... LOL!
  15. What, if any, are your non-craft related hobbies? I love Scrabble, pencil puzzle/word games, Sims2, Christian music (Casting Crowns especially), cooking/baking, motorcycles, guns, reading.
  16. Scents you adore? Spicy or fruity scents, light florals, mint Scents that make you gag? Anything too heavy & perfumey
  17. What is your idea of a relaxing time? Kicking back with my kntting in front of Stargate (SG-1 or Atlantis). Playing Scrabulous on Facebook. Baking fresh bread (I grind my own wheat, nice and fresh).
  18. Oh yeah, are you on Ravelry and if so, care to share your Ravelry ID? Yep. :) My Ravelry ID is madcraftermom.

So, there you have it. If my pal has other questions, feel free to leave them as comments. :)

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Another New Swapping Group!

Well, with the untimely death of the Getting to Know You Dishcloth Knitters group, I was quite saddened. Then I decided to take a chance and start a similar monthly dishcloth exchange group. So, I bopped on over to Yahoo Groups and started a new group, Monthly Dishcloth Swappers. :)

Now, this isn't the group for you if you are a procrastinator or have frequent medical problems that interfere with your meeting deadlines on a regular basis. The rules are pretty strict and there is a Zero-Tolerance policy for people who fail to meet their obligations. In fact, just to avoid people joining and then quitting when they get a copy of the rules (which you get upon pending membership, accepted membership and the first of every month), I'll post them here, too.

These are the official rules of Monthly Dishcloth Swappers:

In order to ensure happy, successful swaps, month after month, there are strict guidelines. I have no wish to be "the heavy", but I will follow thru with removal of members who do not and cannot meet the guidelines. You receive this file upon pending membership, upon approved membership and every month. I don't think that is overkill. :) That way no one can say they didn't know something was in the rules.

1. Upon membership, new members will be moderated for a period of 30 days, except upon the group start up. Moderation of all members will go until the successful completion of the first swap (April's Swap).

2. All new members will be required to send an "Angel Cloth" (any new dishcloth, to be held by moderator to use in the event that someone doesn't get a package) to the moderator. My address (Dee Adams)can be found in the contact database. You will not be included in any swap until I receive an "Angel Cloth" from you, so send as soon as you are approved, please. This is a one-time requirement, not every month. While not required, other "Angel Care" items would be appreciated, too, such as teas, soaps, etc. The usual stuff that gets included. As the group creator and moderator, I'm willing to take the risk of Angel Packages, but help will not be turned down.

3. Sign-ups for a month's swap close 3 days before the end of the previous month. This means that to sign up for April, you must do so by March 29th and so on every month. A group reminder will go out to the list the day before that.

4. Assignments will be given out on the 1st of the month. You have 24 hours to contact your swap partner OFF-LIST(if they email you first, your reply counts). If you do not hear from your partner at all (don't forget to check your spam folder, just in case), send a message to the moderator OFF-LIST. Posting "I didn't hear from so-and-so" type messages ON THE LIST WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. If you are still on moderated messages, it won't get past me anyway. If you are unmoderated and do this, you will be put back on moderation. 2nd offense means removal from the group.

5. All posts to the group should be to the group. If you have a specific, personal reply to one person, please reply directly to their email address. To have to read thru personal messages not for you is the equivalent of going out to lunch with a group of friends, and then only 1 or 2 of them talk to each other and leave you out. That doesn't mean you can't use someone's name in your reply, just make sure its relevant to the group. We're grown ups with manners, please show it. On the same theme, insults, flaming, etc. will NOT BE TOLERATED. If you have a personal problem with a member, take it up with them POLITELY & RESPECTFULLY, off list. If you cannot resolve your problem in this way, contact the moderator.

6. All swaps are confined to that calendar month. You should mail your package in time for your partner to receive it BEFORE the end of the month. We're talking about a dishcloth & a few other items, not afghans. If 1 month isn't enough time for you to knit a dishcloth, buy a couple treats & mail a package, this isn't the group for you. I know you can't control the postal system, but if you know you live in a rural area or have prior knowledge that packages you send tend to take x amount of days to arrive, then keep that in mind when mailing and mail earlier. You cannot take part in the next month's swap if your previous swap isn't completed.

7. While life sometimes throws curves at us and emergencies arise, how it is handled can make a difference. If you know you will be late getting your package out for unavoidable reasons (that aren't chronic), make sure you let the moderator and your partner know as far in advance as you can. If your "emergency" happens on the 29th of the month, that shouldn't affect your package, as you should have mailed it by then. If you have kept contact with your partner & the moderator AND you fulfill your commitment within 2 weeks of the next month, you may sign up for the FOLLOWING month's swap (example: on April 18th, you break your leg. You let the moderator & your partner know you'll be late. You get your package out late and your partner gets it on May 8th. You may sign up for June's swap. You must miss May's.) If your package isn't received by your partner by the 15th of the month after the swap month, an Angel Package will go out to them and you will be banned from the group. Period.

8. If you do not receive a package from your partner as outlined above, YOU WILL GET AN ANGEL PACK. DO NOT post to the group about it. I will handle it.

9. No posts criticizing your partner or package are allowed on the list. Any and all complaints are to be addressed to the moderator, OFF LIST. Also, any complaints that ARE sent to the moderator should be done so in a respectful manner. IT IS NOT MY FAULT IF YOUR PARTNER DOESN'T FOLLOW THRU OR SENDS YOU JUNK!! I will do my best to rectify any wrongs, but you accept a certain amount of risk when exchanging with strangers. I don't know any of you any better than you know me. I will not tolerated being b**ched at or threatened over something out of my control.

10. There are no minimum or maximum spending limits on swaps, unless otherwise stated. However, don't send a package you wouldn't want to receive. No dirty, smoky, dusty yarns, etc. I know that should be obvious, but I've heard horror stories. I don't wish to hear of hard feelings if you sent out a $15.00 pack and got a $5.00 one in return. You don't know what other people's financial situation is. Send what feels right to you. This is about fun, friendliness & sharing, not one-up-manship. Some months you'll get the $15.00 pack, some the $5.00, but you should enjoy them all. I know I do. :)

11. When you receive your package, make sure you post a thank you to the list. You can, of course, thank your person off-list, too, but a public thanks is required. You may also post a picture of your swag in the photo section, but its not required.

12. You must post your full contact information (name, email & snail mail address) in the Member Contact database. This group is only accessible to its members. If you can't trust the same people you are exchanging with, find another group, please.

I think I've been very clear and outlined every possible rule. If you have any questions or need clarification, please email me off-list. If you disagree with ANY of the above rules, don't join. Your continued membership, not removing yourself from the group or asking me to remove you is considered FULL ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES.

If you have just received this file for the first time, upon pending membership, please reply to moderator that you have read & understand the rules. Thank you.

So, if this sounds like fun to you and you can live with the rules, please join in the fun! :)

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use

I got my final item from Christy last Saturday!! It was her "Spoiler's Choice" Category, named in the title of this post. Unfortunately, I had a stomach bug that day and could barely move from the bed. In fact, I felt so awful, I didn't even open the package, knowing it was there, until Sunday! Now THAT is sick. Then it went thru the rest of the household, so I've been busy.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use....

In Christy's words: "Just some cheerful wood knitting needles which also could be used to stake a vampire if needed."

Thanks, Christy! I love them!!

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