Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Wrap-up, Part 2

Finally found the time to catch up again. :)

For Christmas, some of the stuff Bob got me included yarny goodness!! He selected 3 skeins of Patons Classic Wool in "That's Pink!" and even thought to make sure they were all the same dye lot!!

DCP01003.jpg DCP01003.JPG picture by amaruk72

He also, ON HIS OWN, picked out a baby pattern book for me!!

DCP01001.jpg DCP01001.JPG picture by amaruk72

From the book and yarn, I made these cute little felted booties (that I haven't felted yet):

DCP01004.jpg DCP01004.JPG picture by amaruk72

and started the Shawl Collar Sweater:

DCP01005.jpg DCP01005.JPG picture by amaruk72

That's just the back. At this moment I'm actually done with back, front & both sleeves. Just knitting the collar and assembly will take place. :)

I also knit this awesome little bag called The Pumpkin Purse. I got the pattern from a fellow knitter/Raveler that is in my Tuesday night knitting group. Thanks, Donna!!

DCP01006.jpg DCP01006.JPG picture by amaruk72

DCP01007.jpg DCP01007.JPG picture by amaruk72

DCP01008.jpg DCP01008.JPG picture by amaruk72

DCP01013.jpg picture by amaruk72

I also made a cute little crochet blanket for Abigail. I took a pattern for a Mother's Day afghan in a book and adapted it. The pattern called for double stranding worsted weight yarn and using an N hook. I used single strand and I think an H. Then I added the ruffle on my own. That wasn't in the original. I'm very happy with the results.

 DCP00998.jpg DCP00998.JPG picture by amaruk72

DCP01000.jpg DCP01000.JPG picture by amaruk72

Right now I've got a few projects going. I'll post more soon. I'm being induced with Abigail (due to gestational diabetes) in only 6 days!!!! Yay for January 23rd!!!

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SkeinGoddess said...

I love the purse, I'm on ravelry as Bekawarr Can you ask your friend to send me the pattern pretty please? It's so gorgeous.