Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Project Wrap-Up

Once again, I have let my blogging slide. This time there is a semi-legitimate reason. Most of the projects I was working on since my last post were Christmas gifts. To have posted about them would have ruined the surprise! :)

So, what needs updating from the last post? Ahhh... first, the Husbeast Socks. Came out awesome! Unfortunately, they are one of the things I neglected to get a completed picture of. I thought of taking a picture right now, but Bob is wearing them for the first time today. :) They fit him perfectly.

I found a great Fingerless Mitt pattern in the Ravelry database. Loved it so much I've made multiple pairs. Made some for me, some for a Christmas exchange (more on that later), for my friend Sheila for Christmas and for Molly (no pic yet).

Here's mine:
DCP00936.jpg DCP00936.JPG picture by amaruk72

Here's the ones I made for Sheila:
DCP00997.jpg DCP00997.JPG picture by amaruk72

My Christmas exchange momma on SweetPeace was Hawkfeather. She also got a pair of Fingerless Mitts, in colors I thought suited her:

DCP00937.jpg DCP00937.JPG picture by amaruk72

In those same colors I made her a felted purse (my first!!):

DCP00912.jpg DCP00912.JPG picture by amaruk72

Excuse the linty picture. I DID de-lint it and block it into shape before gifting it. LOL! Here it is pre-felting and post-felting shown next to a phone book for size reference:

DCP00909.jpg DCP00909.JPG picture by amaruk72
DCP00911.jpg DCP00911.JPG picture by amaruk72

I also sent some little doilies that I didn't take pics of. They were thread crochet and none more than about 4 inches across. Finally, I sent a cloth with a special meaning:

cloth04.jpg picture by amaruk72

Sheila's other gift was a Felted Crochet Hook Holder, with hooks. Here are the process pics on that:

Pre felting:
DCP00898.jpg DCP00898.JPG picture by amaruk72

Post felting:
DCP00899.jpg DCP00899.JPG picture by amaruk72

Add the non-felted holder/closure strip:
DCP00919.jpg DCP00919.JPG picture by amaruk72

How about some hooks?
DCP00920.jpg DCP00920.JPG picture by amaruk72

And, finally, closed up:
DCP00921.jpg DCP00921.JPG picture by amaruk72

This post is already getting long. I'm going to post a second one about my Christmas gifts from Bob and what I've done since Christmas. :)

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