Monday, November 19, 2007

Sciatica: Cursed Blessing??

Despite the incredible pain and discomfort of enduring a bout of sciatica, it has increased my crafting productivity. Unable to sit up straight at the computer, frittering away useful hours, I was semi-reclined in bed for most of last week. With no good books to read and nothing good on tv, I spent hours knitting and crocheting.

The Husbeast Socks I am working on for Bob saw some progress. Although I finished the first sock today, I haven't taken a new pic. My last updated pic is just after turning the heel:

Then I got into wool soakers. It was so incredibly easy to whip these out!! I love them!! I made 2 in newborn/small size: plain/pink, skirted and embellished on the butt. I also made one in size medium, just to be prepared. :)
The trim on that last one was done with Patons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) in Natural Violet. My friend Sheila picked me up a skein as a gift. I loved it so much!! I also made the baby hat from the One Skein book using the same skein:

This pattern is so simple, fast and adorable, that I started another one in Bernat Satin Solids:

I finished that one and will add a finished pic later. I decided to try my hand at making up a baby sweater pattern to match it, incorporating the Umbrella pattern from the One Skein hat. We'll see how that goes. If it comes out right, I'll offer that pattern on Ravelry.

I also decided to whip up a Gary the Gobbler dishcloth to gift to my mother-in-law when we go over there for Thanksgiving. I will have to take the time to block it though, looks very crooked here. LOL!

My final update is that I've decided to frog Juliet. I know, I know.... giving up so quickly after my initial excitement. However, I just don't have the patience to redo it. By the time I got to the row where I would be taking the sleeves off, I had a totally messed up stitch count. I'm not 100% sure how it happened. I'm pretty sure that between the head cold I had, the pregnancy brain and a bad weather week with the kids jumping up and down on my last exposed nerve........ well.... No worries, the yarn will not go to waste. I've decided, now that i have the bulky wool in the house, that one of the projects will be the felted clutch from One Skein. Perhaps a felted bowl, too. I also have a couple baby patterns in mind.... I love Ravelry.... full of patterns crying out to me! LOL!

Happy Knitting!!!!

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Friday, November 02, 2007


What a day!! So far today I have received my Blogger invite to Sexy Knitter's Club, my Knit Picks order with my yarn for Juliet and the Winter Edition of Interweave Knits Magazine!! Woo hoo!!

On other fronts, my Molly Sweater is coming along. I'm just into the armhole shaping on the back. If it comes out well, I'll figure out the pattern for a couple other sizes and maybe offer it to others.

My Kipling Baby Sweater is also working up nicely. I had some difficulty with getting the sleeve started, but finally figured it out. Only had to frog the sleeve once. LOL!

After some initial difficulties with the Husbeast Socks pattern, I've got them going now. They will be a Christmas or birthday gift for Bob (his bday is 12/24). I'm knitting them in Paton's Classic Wool in New Denim. I love Ravely!! After my initial frustration, I made a comment on the pattern about the missing directions, asking if anyone had it corrected that they contact me. Well, the designer herself messaged me with the correction! And today when I looked at the pattern online, she had corrected the missing info. That part being corrected makes a big difference, but the combination of pregnancy brain and sinus cold also caused me to mess up right from the cast on. All better now, albeit not far in. :)

Finally, both of my prayer shawls are coming along nicely. I need to get one or both done before November 18th. That Sunday another woman and I will be "showcasing" our Prayer Shawl Ministry in the church lobby. Good thing the fall weather lights a fire under my.... productiveness. :)

So, enough with the blogging already, back to the knitting. Time to cast-on the lovely Juliet. :)

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