Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Tis the Season

Something about the crisp, cool, autumn weather brings out the crafter in me even more. Getting onto Ravelry has also inspired me to pick up old projects and start new ones. :)

I frogged the Good Guest Dress I was working on for Molly, mainly because I'm pretty sure I was working on a size too small for her. She just turned 8 on October 22, so the 6/7 probably wasn't the best choice. Oops. Anyway, I decided on modifying a basic sweater pattern and came up with my own, appropriately titled : Molly Sweater. Maybe once I see how it works up, I'll work it out for different sizes and offer it to others. Its a half length sleeve, keyhole front with 3 buttons. I was thinking of a simple, single band ribbing collar, but now I'm thinking a longer one might look good, like polo shirt style? We'll see.

Searching Ravelry's pattern database, I found an adorable baby sweater. The Kipling Baby Sweater, in newborn size only, is adorable. Although it called for a "nice" worsted cotton, I decided to go ahead and knit it up with "dishcloth" cotton. I'm using a variegated pink/white yarn. I just cast it on last night and did 4 rows. I'm just now almost at the back armhole shaping. This will be a quick knit. :) I may keep it for the little girl I'm expecting or give it as a gift. Haven't decided yet. Heck, if its that quick a knit, I may make up a few. :)

Not much else going on right now, aside from rampant sickness in the house. Right now I wish I could gouge out my eyes to relieve the sinus pressure. Oh, and moments ago, Molly started vomitting. Thank God she's old enough to get to the bathroom consistently!! I'd rather see my kids bleeding than vomitting. Nice mom, huh?

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