Monday, April 16, 2007

Trekkin' Thru the Sahara

I am now up to the placement of the waist decrease markers. This sweater is going a bit slower than my Wicked went, but I'm also working on more projects at once. Here is where I am now:

I also completed the Mid-March Monthly Dishcloth KAL. The first picture shows the true color a little bit better. I ajdusted the contrast on the second one to show the stitches better. The color is called "Country Print".

And I started the Mid-April Monthly Dishcloth KAL that just started today. I've adjusted it, too, but sitll have a bit of glare going on in the picture. Here is Day #1:

I am working on the Three Cross design that was the first April KAL dishcloth and I did do the Bunny cloth, but can't seem to find it for a pic. Go figure.

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