Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Package Has Been Delivered!

My friend called today to let me know that her package arrived. That means I can now post pics of the stuff I sent her! The pink baby sweater is one of my own pattern. It was a yoke down sweater, with cables on the front and a cross-over rib pattern on cuffs and collar.

The afghan was a Mile-A-Minute pattern that I got from a book I purchased. I'm happy with how it came out. The darker green one that I'm still working on is of the same pattern.

I also decide to throw in a few surprises. I sent a little toy to each of her other children. Her oldest little girl got the little knitted teddy bear with crocheted dress. It's from the Knitted Teddy Bear pattern book, Snowflake pattern. The dress is of my own creation.

Her son got the little crocheted caterpillar that came (partially, I shortened the body by 2 sections) from a Crochet Gifts To Go pattern book.

Finally, her youngest daughter got a little crocheted ball. I forgot to take a picture, but its just a small ball, maybe 5 inches around, done in single crochet. I did it with a variegated blue Sugar N Cream cotton.

The only one who was left out was her husband. Poor guy was left wondering where his gift was. He wanted to know why I couldn't have even knit him some boxers or something. LOL! Mabye next time! :)

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