Monday, January 08, 2007

Started the SKC KAL Last Nigh!! Wicked!!

So, I decided to do the SKC (Sexy Knitter's Club) KAL (Knit Along) that started yesterday. This time there are two patterns to choose from: Eiffel and Wicked . Since Eiffel is a bit too..... umm.... I don't know.... "baby doll"? I don't like the ribbons on the sleeves at all and the one at the bodice isn't great either. Just not my style. Plus, its knitted in hemp yarn, which is (to po' me) outrageously expensive. :)

So..... I purchased and downloaded Wicked. For some reason beyond my technical expertise, I can't print Adobe pdfs. Blank paper is all that comes out of my printer. I've uninstalled, checked preferences, etc. Maybe I'll contact Adobe one of these days. Anyway.... I pasted it into Word and printed it out. All is well there.

I would have preferred to do it in 100% Merino wool, but that was out of budget right now, too. But the gauge worked out fine to do it in Lion Brand Wool Ease. I picked out a beautiful grey heather. I'm knitting the version without the front pocket. Weight loss or not, the last thing I want or need is to draw attention to my mid-section! LOL!

Last night I cast on and got most of the collar knitted. Today I've made slow progress because my focus has been on Michael. Poor little guy is STILL sick at 8pm. I've placed all my markers and have started my increase rows before the sleeve stitch removal. I took a couple posts last night and today and I'll post them tomorrow when I have the time to off-load the camera.

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