Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Drive-by Update

Slow going with Mikey being sick..... but overall I'm happy.


trae79 said...

Looking good Dee! I like the pattern you picked, and the color is awesome.

BTW, did you finish Mikey's socks? Im curious!

Keep up the good work.

Knitters Delight said...

Awesome job! You're ahead of me. I just started Wicked this afternoon. This is my first KAL as well. Congrats!


Dee said...

Thanks guys!

This might be your first KAL, Susan, but I see knitting is old hat for you! Nice work on your blog.

Tracy - I did NOT finish Mikey's socks after all. LOL... I have one almost done, down to the toes, but have stalled there. Such is my way. If I've got less than 5 projects in any medium going at once, I'm just not "whole". :D