Friday, September 29, 2006

Pretty Woolen Yarns

I finally finished my yarns. I set the twist with a method I found online. After soaking in hot water until it went warm, I refilled the sink with water as hot as possible out of the tap. Then I filled a dishpan with water as cold as possible out of the tap. I plunged the skeins into the hot water for a full minute. Then I lifted them (with gloves to withstand the heat), squeezed as much hot water as possible out in a couple squeezes, the plunged into the cold water. Worked great! I think the resulting yarn is much softer in texture than previous ones I've done.

Here's my yarn after drying overnight on a hanger:

Here's a bit closer view:

And here it all is in nice, neat, center-pull balls:

For my first project, I'm working on a little pair of socks for Michael made from the undyed yarn. If they come out good, I might dye them with the Jaquard Acid dyes I have. Just need to get some white vinegar. I also started socks for me out of the "Carribbean Cool" blue yarn, but switched to Michael's first because I'm impatient to see results faster! LOL!

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