Sunday, September 24, 2006

Getting to Know Me

Getting to know all about me........ okay, okay... no more singing...

I figure that before I delve into the whole crafting thing, I'd tell you a little bit more about myself and family. I'm not saying that I imagine that you (whoever "you" may be....) are waiting breathlessly to find out anything about me, but humor me.

I am a mother of 7 (my screen name didn't clue you in, did it?) children. My wonderful husband is Bob. From oldest to youngest I have: Christopher (18yrs. - not at home), Patrick (15 yrs.), Justin (13 yrs. on 10/01), Melissa (11 yrs.), Sarah (10 yrs.), Molly (6.5 yrs. turns 7 on 10/22) and Michael (18 months). To answer a couple of the most frequently asked questions: Yes, its possible I'm crazy. No, I'm not done yet. Yes, I know what causes them. Moving on.....

Patrick is a 10th grader in public high school. Justin, Melissa, Sarah and Molly are all homeschooled. We are using Alpha Omega products. A Life Pac for Molly, in Kindergarten and Switched on Schoolhouse for the others. We go year round and will change grades in February or March. We only started homeschooling in January of 2005.

Currently we live on Cape Cod in Way-Too-Liveral-For-Us Massachusetts. My husband is currently seeking employment in Wisconsin for more money. If you are so inclined to do so, please spare a prayer for that end as his application is being turned in tomorrow via a friend who works for the same company to which he is applying. This would mean a huge but welcomed move and a wonderful blessing on us.

We are now Baptists. Before January of this year, when I came to Jesus after years of denial, we were nothing. I was raising well mannered, moral children who were totally bereft of any information regarding Him. I wouldn't even allow any religious children's books in the house. I believed that I was leaving them the freedom to decide on their own later. Ha! They had nothing on which to base such a decision. But all is well now. :) They jumped right in and like the little sponges they are, they are soaking up everything. I was baptized in August. Patrick will be baptized on October 1. Bob is considering it!! Yay!! Patrick and Justin are in Sr. and Jr. High Youth Group. Melissa and Sarah are T and T Girls in Awana and Molly in now a Sparkie. She is amazing! She started the year late last season (in late January) as a Cubbie. She caught up, finished early thru the whole handbook!!

Hmmm..... what else is there to tell? Probably a lot, but that's all I can come up with for now. Thanks for reading this far!!

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chrispy said...

Congrats on the life change and your realization that the kids need more than what they have inside them to discover the correct path. Also yeah on joining the KAL on Sexy Knitters Club.